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Music and Cooking

Before I worked at The Met - pre-2006 - I always listened to the Saturday matinee broadcasts while many of you, I’m sure. When 1pm arrives, tell the family to leave the kitchen, be quiet and let mama get on with her afternoon. Woe be to anyone who interrupts during a high note or the opera quiz!

Such bliss - slowing down the process of creating a meal knowing that you have to stay there for 3+ hours or you might miss something! Sometimes I have more than just the night’s dinner on the cooking docket. Start that loaf of sourdough (yes, since Covid I’m still making it weekly), make tomorrow’s dinner as well, survey the cupboards for future ideas, compare the contents of the pantry to the New York Times cooking app where I’ve saved lots of recipes.

And now with my first retirement / holiday moment, I’ve had the first Thanksgiving in forever when I didn’t have to cram all the preparations in between broadcasts. (Somehow there is always a Thanksgiving week broadcast on Wednesday night, Friday night or both.) It was such a fun and relaxing process. Let it flow rather than get it done. Thank you, retirement.

With the Saturday broadcasts starting up again, I’m back in my usual spot listening to opera hosted by Debra and Ira, cooking and loving it all over again. Full circle.

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