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Organ Lessons

So, about that idea of becoming a music student again. I know - let’s jump right in and learn something new.

I’ve decided to take organ lessons. I’ve always been fascinated by the instrument and wanted to learn more of its vast - and very different - repertoire. Hearing an organ concert in a huge church is a charge like no other.

I’ve been playing the piano since age 7, but I have no idea about all those stops, why several rows of keyboards are important and how to navigate that huge row of pedals under your feet. It must feel like playing the whole orchestra, I imagine.

Fortunately I have a wonderful teacher right under my nose - Leslie C Smith. She gave me a huge stack of books and said “have at it.” I had played through a bunch of music at the piano at home, selected a few pieces, spent some time at the church organ and was ready for my first lesson. Well, do I ever have a lot to learn about technique? It's WAY different. But the sounds! And the sustained notes, and the suspensions...the music sounds so different. It's a music theory student’s dream! From JS Bach to Marcel Dupré, I’m just enthralled.

Let’s get those fingers connected and order some organ shoes!

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