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Ready for new adventures!

The Metropolitan Opera. What a ride. Fifteen seasons of working on the radio broadcasts as the fourth “Voice of the Met” and senior radio producer. Every day I walked into work under a sign that says, “Metropolitan Opera, Stage Door.” I had goosebumps about that for two years. Every day I got to hear the best musicians in the world - orchestra, chorus and stars - perform the world’s greatest operas. It was a music student’s dream (maybe even more for this music theory student). I learned so much music in such a deep way, especially with the chance to hear many different artists perform the same piece. I did 50+ broadcasts of Puccini’s La Boheme and looked forward to every one. So many great singers, so many debuts, so many interpretations.

When Covid hit, we all started working from home to create the radio broadcasts. A lot of time was spent “Zooming,” there were audio files flying everywhere and the broadcasts magically continued - something about it felt surreal. But over time, the feeling was mounting that maybe the moment had come that it was time for me to go. After a year+ working from home with one foot out the door already, I decided it was time for the second foot to follow. It was simply the right moment to let “the kids'' carry the broadcasts into the 2021-22 season and beyond. I sat on the decision for a while to make sure it felt right, then shared it with my Met Radio buddies.

And now I get to be a music student the truest, amateur sense! I can listen, learn and enjoy without being “on duty” anymore.

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