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Winter Hunkering Done

After a hunker-down-winter-hiatus, we’re back. January and February. Winter months. NYC at its most quiet, tourists are few, Broadway is somewhat back in action, and the Met closes for the month of February. With lingering covid still prompting cautiousness, tickets are easy to get. So…Cecily Strong doing Lily Tomlin’s show from the 1980s at The Shed, Company and The Music Man on Broadway, Renée Fleming singing Previn’s final work, Philadelphia Orchestra playing Barber, Aucoin and Price, Jordi Savall performing Monteverdi (all three of those at Carnegie), plus a new opera, Intimate Apparel, at Lincoln Theater. Such a joy to hear live performances of all stripes - some familiar, some new, all thought-provoking. My mind, my ears, my heart are full with the diverse and inspired artistry of it all. I can’t get over my continuing excitement of the parade of concerts I have time to attend now. So much versatility in the ways that composers and writers express themselves.

And for something different, I made my debut on the Met’s Opera Quiz during La Boheme on January 22. Something I never fathomed. Ever. I told my old Met buddies that having a Ph.D. in music theory was not really a qualification for being a good opera quiz panelist, but I’d be happy to join them for a few laughs. It was fine; I had fun. Even got a few right answers. I guess I was listening more closely than I imagined during those 15 seasons at the Met. It was nice to be back and great to see my friends.

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